What is the best way to transport Social Ice?

Less than 30 minutes to freezer: If you are going from the store to your freezer in 30 minutes or less, it is a good idea to keep the Social Ice box in a thermal bag (sold at most grocery stores) and out out of direct sunlight (when in your car).

More than 30 minutes to your freezer : Place the Social Ice 4 pack box in a thermal bag to reduce the chance of melting with a small piece of dry ice. Dry ice can be purchased at many grocery stores. DO NOT USE REGULAR ICE! Even ice pops that don't contain alcohol will melt with regular ice. Store employees will help you handle the dry ice if you are not comfortable doing so.

2-3 hours: Place product on the bottom of a small ice chest(styrofoam is fine) or thermal bag along with dry ice. Place the dry ice on top of the Social Ice. 5 lbs or less is enough.